Allied Maker exploits circular and triangular geometries for new lighting collection

Bent metal, embossed glass and carved wood all feature in this lighting collection from New York design studio Allied Maker.

Allied Maker, a Long Island-based design and manufacturing studio run by husband-and-wife team Lanette and Ryden Rizzo, played with circular and triangular geometries to create the four lights.

The designs, called Tri Cone, Grand Aperture 4, Contour Wall Lamp 22 and Concentric 15, were all launched at the Architectural Digest Design Show in New York last week.

New works by Allied Maker

Tri Cone is a pendant lamp, comprising a pyramidal metal frame that encases a cone-shaped shade. Metal balls are located at the junctions of the metal frame, and also support a circular glass disc at the base.

Triangular shapes are continued in the glass, which is embossed to deflect the light from above in different directions.

“The light is diffused by a micro-pyramid texture in the glass, resulting in a beautiful expanse of diffused light,” said Allied Maker.

New works by Allied Maker

For Contour Wall Lamp 22, Allied Maker designed a simple arch form, made from bent metal, with a handmade glass globe at the end. The wall lamp is set on a hinge so that it can swivel away from the wall.

“The simplicity of the form creates a geometric statement, while providing a diffused glow through the handmade globe,” said Allied Maker.

New works by Allied Maker

Curved forms are continued in the black metalwork that bends under the four glass discs of Grand Aperture 4 – a chandelier designed for “grand spaces”.

Circles can also be found carved into the round wooden shade of Concentric 15. Made with a lathe, the ridges are designed to create shadow patterns when lit.

“The shade is carefully shaped on the lathe to achieve a pleasing curvature,” said the studio. “The geometry of the fixture, particularly the concentric circles, create a topographic texture in the wood that is highlighted when illuminated.”

New works by Allied Maker

The light can be mounted on the wall or the ceiling. It comes in various wood finishes, including blackened or bleached ash, white oak and walnut.

Both the Tri Cone and the Contour Wall Lamp 22 also come in a range of metal finishes, including brass and bronze, while Grand Aperture 4 is also available in plain black.

New works by Allied Maker

Allied Maker presented all four designs at New York’s Architectural Digest Design Show, which took place at Pier 92 and 94, from 22 to 25 March 2018.

Other exhibitors included New York design studio Coil + Drift, which presented translucent hooped lights, simple wooden furniture and ridged walnut mirrors.

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